About Us

We believe true partnerships are about people not machines. That’s why we’ve created a commercial lending platform complete with a full-suite of services to handle the heavy lifting of your day-to-day business operations.

Our Founder

FundQube’s mission is to provide the first ever digital technology ecosystem platform designed to increase the bottom line to every user! ~ Carlos Herrera, Founder
Carlos Herrera has been in the financial industry for over a decade. He strongly believes that this financial system is antiquated. FundQube was created to solve every issue from the borrower to the lender. Carlos is a strong believer of good karma in everything he does. He enjoys spending time outside, walking his dog Koty, and spending time with his family.

Carlos Herrera


Our Team

Nadia Khan Affiliate Account Executive

Nadia Khan

Affiliate Account executive

Fatima Tariq Affiliate Account Executive

Fatima Tariq

Affiliate Account executive

John Samuel

Sales Manager, Affiliate

Our Solutions

“FundQube was created by both brokers and lenders, with one vision. To create an ecosystem where finance really becomes social finance” – Carlos Herrera, Founder

Broker Platform

FundQube is the DIY digital lending platform and portal that provides a modern, tech-enabled borrowing experience for borrowers, lenders and brokers. We make it easy and convenient to submit, track, and fund deals to qualified lenders – complete with customized workflows

Lender Platform

FundQube is a DIY tech-enabled commercial lending platform that helps lenders find and fund deals from vetted borrowers and brokers.

Borrower Platform

FundQube is a tech-powered lending platform that helps small to mid-sized businesses access financing and make informed financial decisions. It’s a self-service system that gives entrepreneurs the chance to take control of their finances.